Put Down the St. Marcellin & Pick Up A Brick

A number of restaurants are going beyond their mission of cooking. Now they embrace the ideas of well-being and the environment. What this has to do with the Service Industry is anyone’s guess. I think it ‘s meant to distract us from what’s on the plate and also to try and delude us into thinking we’re behaving in politically meaningful ways when, in fact, we’re spending money on fancy food. I mean, honestly, if you want to be political, put down the St. Marcellin and join the ramparts.

Here are the two most egregious examples of the week:

Sel de Terre.

Join Sel de la Terre, Natick and lululemon athletica for a morning of revitalization. Yoga inspired athletic apparel company, lululemon athletica, will provide acclaimed yoga instructor Alex Amorosi who will lead a Vinyasa Flow Class. Following the hour long session, continue to relax as Sel de la Terre serves Provencal tapas and juice elixirs.

Persephone (in Boston).

The Persephone menu will feature sustainable local ingredients where possible in dishes designed to represent ‘simplicity and harmony with each passing season.’ Organic and biodynamic wines from small and lesser-known producers will dominate the wine list, which will also devote a special section to sake. Chef Leviton is known for his commitment to sustainable “green” practices at Lumiere, and will continue this tradition in the Persephone kitchen.

Wouldn’t it be most calm and green simply to stay home & cook? Who is zooming who?

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