Cheese War

When the U.S. government put a stop to to S-2 college deferments in 1971 and made college students eligible for the draft and military service in Vietnam, it led to student protests and may have hastened an end to the war.  Nowadays it’s foolhardy to call for a reinstatement of the draft, especially for those in college, as the effects on Starbucks, You Tube, and the I-Tunes store could devastate the economy further.  But, more broadly, as the dollar sinks lower against the Euro and prices for basic commodities like French and Italian cheese, wine, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and processed food climb–doubling or even tripling in  price, with no end in  sight–perhaps we will re-think out commitment to the war in Iraq and place resources where they belong: In making a stronger dollar that has the power to buy upscale European groceries.


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