New Restaurants Opening

An excellent article in the Business section of today’s Boston Globe by reporter Megan Woolhouse notes several new restaurant openings in Boston, including: East by Northwest, Bistro du Midi, Post 390, Trina’s Starlite Lounge, and Coppa.  (The article notes that Trina’s is in Cambridge.  It is in Somerville.)  As Chef Jamie Bissonnette says at the end of the article, there is never a good time to open a restaurant.  Each opening, to have a chance of success, must reflect as well as respond to, the specific culture and financial climate of its opening.  The price points at these restaurants, one would hope, will have a value associated with what’s served.  Certainly Ken Himmel (Bistro du Midi and Post 390) has shown the greatest knack for understanding all levels of the market, from the luxury of Per Se to the urban panache of Post 390.  Chef Bissonnette’s collaboration with Ken Oringer–Toro–is the kind of restaurant, if it took reservations, that every city needs more of: A terrific neighborhood spot where conversation is inspired by good food and wine.  It’s interesting, too, how a concept or idea for a restaurant is altered by the crowd–It’s always a collaboration of sorts.  The chef has one idea; the investors another; the regulars another; the critics another, etc.  Of course, one of the best predictors of success is deep pockets.  The best restaurant can’t keep its doors open without a great credit line and a long-term lease that is below market.  So let’s hope that the creative kitchens and money guys behind these projects have enough capital to keep the ovens on high heat.

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