What Are They Drinking in Yemen?

Insofar as we’re at covert war with Yemen, don’t we need to know what stimulates the Yemeni palate?  Might their brew yield clues that will help us understand their psyche?  Perhaps.

One feature of Yemen is coffee, which is first-rate.  It is available from my favorite coffee shop on earth–http://www.portorico.com/store/index.html


The description of the coffee on the Porto Rico website notes: “(Coffee was actually first cultivated in Yemen by Muslim clerics who drank it to help them through their prayer vigils. Mocha was one of the original two ports to begin shipping coffee to the West!)”

Note the link between coffee and Islam.  What is afoot here?  Worried?  You should be.  Aboard a plane, next to some guy who says to the flight attendant, “Uh, excuse me, have you got mocha mattari?”  Push the panic button!  Ba-rapp!  Ba-rapp!  Ba-rapp!

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