Free Cookbooks

Back in the day when I was broadcasting weekly on public radio, for which I won a James Beard award (2004), publishers sent me cookbooks for review on-air.  Many cookbooks, hundreds of cookbooks.  Towers grew on my kitchen floor.  Stalagmite recipes.

The covers of the cookbooks are colorful and the typeface enticing.  However, from a practical standpoint, few have utility.

It is very hard for me to part with books of any sort.

So when the floors of the kitchen were redone this past week, it was an opportunity to respond to the big change.

I kept the best ones: Gourmet’s compendium, Robuchon, Bittman, Chez Panisse, Patricia Wells, Silver Palate, Esca, Babbo, Batali, Keller, Boulud, Joy of Cooking, Joan Nathan, Paula Wolfert, etc.  Sentimentally, I held onto, “The Da Silvano Cookbook,” which I co-authored with Silvano Marchetto.

That leaves no fewer than 250 cookbooks that are in bags and free!

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