“Making Salad”

Food is sexy and here I think of the novel “The History of Tom Jones” and the fig scene in the filmed version of “Women In Love,” as well as one moment during my late adolescence in South Plainfield, New Jersey.

As to that moment in NJ: One slice of great, chewy pizza remained on the tray and all of us, day camp counselors, wanted it.

“Whoever can take the sexiest bite can have the slice,” said Debbie, camp director.

Little bites, nibbles, moaning, etc.  But I got the slice by licking the slice’s triangular corner and massaging its sides with my right thumb and index finger.

Plus  ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

Anyway, this memory got me thinking of phrases people use for love making.

My favorite comes from early adulthood.  Visiting my friend Fiona at her granny’s little cottage on a lake, she would want to sneak off with her boyfriend, Brunsli, to make love.

“Brunsli, come, let’s make a salad,” she said while we all swam in the lake.  And off they went.

The phrase has become part of Fiona’s life and mine as well, here, decades later.

One thought on ““Making Salad”

  1. You’re sounding a bit like the ‘Fifty and Freaky’ ads on saturday night live.

    “Grady Wilson and his friend demonstrate some lovemaking techniques, including The Sprinkler, The Sneezing Crab, The Brandy Snifter, The Jackhammer, The Old Well, and The Old TV.”

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