West Coast Tour Warmup

The day begins at 5 A.M. The good news is the seeded ficelle from Hi-Rise in the kitchen that is crying out for butter.  Fresh coffee and then it will be 93S–Raceway Park–to Hyannis to interview several unemployed, mentally ill people.

Later, famished and distracted, it will be a drive to two mental hospitals to evaluate people with, respectively, dementia and depression.

The day ends, after a run, when chicken parm will be cooked in The Haas Test Kitchen.

All this prior to the West Coast Tour: Vancouver.  Looking forward to two Boulud outposts, an izakaya, Vij’s, etc.

Meanwhile, on the Cape, throughout the day, post-ficelle, it will be hunger.  The good thing about not eating is that I’m more alert.  That and Dunk’s–small black–across the street from Welfare.

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