Napa, Wine, Etc.

The Enoteca Wine Shop in Calistoga, on the long and only Western-style Main Street, has an impressive array of bottles.  The owner, whose first name reads “Margaux” on her business cards, has what seems to be a terrific sense of humor as well as knowledge.  She steered me to a good Pinot, just released, from 1994, which is hard to believe–she didn’t believe it either.  How could it still be great?  What about those cellar costs?

She also made me promise to hit a Mexican grocery store with the best vegetarian tacos in Napa and then noted the first Farmer’s Market of the year to be held tomorrow A.M.  Holy smokes!

The day ahead: Peter Michael Winery and Redd.

Wine producers are often quirky, passionate, funny, and smart.  Imagine a line of work where what’s most critical can’t be repeated or controlled reliably; where terroir, here at least, isn’t certain; where consumer and critics’ tastes change; etc.  Got to love what you do.  It’s another instance of passion and a marriage of art and science.

I find that inspiring.


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