Patois in Treme

Last night’s episode of Treme, a show that I am beginning to organize my Sunday around, next to the NBA finals–yo, yo, yo: ‘”C’mon, Rasheed, c’mon!”–featured James Carter, homage to Trane, and fancy Oedipal stuff that had geographic, racial, sexual, and class underpinnings.  Wow, all in 60 minutes! Take that, Amy Bloom!

High points in the show, among many, are the scenes in Patois, which is a fictionalized restaurant.  Great food, great ingredients, a kitchen that is humming, celebrity chefs who drop by from NYC, and yet…last night we saw the place close up.  Chef couldn’t pay purveyors or staff.

Now that would be a great reality food show.  Not knocking Bobby Flay, but shouldn’t all the starry eyed food fans see what really happens day to day in restaurants that often struggle to survive?

One reason we have so many franchises and upscale chef “brands”: Deep pockets.  The little guys hardly stand a chance.

The photo depicts a New Orleans creature prior to its transformation into a nice pair of boots, a steak, and a size 34 belt:

An alligator in a swamp near Houma (outside New Orleans).

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