Wednesday Food Sections+: Soda Tax & Stoner Cuisine

An intriguing selection of pieces about food amidst the carnage of Blumenthal’s lies and the success of the Tea Party in Kentucky.  BTW: Am I the only person who thought the Tea Party was about first flush Darjeeling?  I didn’t think so.  And now?  Now it’s probably too late to stop them.  Pretty soon we’ll all be listening to Aryan Nation rock ballads and asking to see the President’s birth certificate.

But I digress.

The Boston Globe:

1) Recipes for stuff you don’t need recipes for, including chicken cacciatore.  Google “chicken cacciatore” and: 337,000 hits.

2) Risotto chips: Someone has been reading my mind.  Finally, risotto chips!  Just what we need.

3) Proof the recession is over: Don Otto, a new grocery store opens in the South End, where eggs are sold at $8.50 a dozen.  Owner explains the psychotic pricing: “Their lay cycles rely on the sun, not on artificial lamps that distort production.”  Hey, why not $8.50 an egg while you’re at it?

The New York Times

1) Actually, this is in the Business section, but it’s the best thing about food in both papers: Soda Tax.  D.C. wants to exact a penny per ounce on soda.  To fight obesity.  The soda companies object.  It’s a great idea.  The tax, not the objection.

2) Stoner Cuisine: Turns out the celebrity chef dudes are getting high before, during, and after work.  Makes sense to me.  How else to explain the concoctions that emerge from the kitchens?  Two guys note: “It helped create new projects.”  Uh, guys?  Deciding to make olive oil ice cream is a new project, but not a good one.  Burroughs said it best: Smoking pot makes one feel good without knowing why.  It deadens emotion, ironically.  That’s not a good way to think about anything let alone food.

3) Homemade pizza.  A full page of recipes for people who live in the tundra and can’t call their local joint to deliver pies.

Is this a stoned dude about to make a pizza or is he going to fry two eggs that cost him $1.40?

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One thought on “Wednesday Food Sections+: Soda Tax & Stoner Cuisine

  1. I’m guessing you didn’t wait 10 seconds before writing any of that. You see where I get it from??

    The stoner thing amazed me.

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