Harvard Graduation and Post Partum Blues

Harvard graduation is tomorrow and this had led to unusually high levels of preoccupation here in The Haas Test Kitchen as our daughter, Madeline, is among those commencing.

Typically, on a Wednesday, I would post snarky, but insightful comments on the wastelands of newspaper food sections.

Hopelessly, however, I found that items on a new beef place in Brooklyn owned by the very estimable guys who opened the terrific Frankie’s on First; and, the truly exciting and most welcome food court opening at The Plaza, well, these piqued my interest and stirred admiration.

Other stuff–a cover story on how to make kebabs at home (Globe)  especially…are they kidding?  Who cares?

But this was good: Pretzels, German style, in NYC!  Endlich!

Still, it was Harvard and the humongous party we’re having here tomorrow night.

The menu:

NC style pulled pork sammiches with slaw (made by Cook S here in THTK)

Galleria Umberto square Sicilian slices


Grilled vegetables

Cloudy Bay, Red Stripe, Asahi Super Dry

Cannoli from The Modern

Will this be enough to distract us from the fear and sorrow of our children being released into the world?

A group of model strangers similar to those who will graduate tomorrow:

Young Graduates Photo - 42-15529175

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