Pulled Pork and Harvard

I find that cooking is up there on satisfying, necessary, repetitive distractions that get my mind and heart far away from thoughts, feelings, and current stimuli that worry or sadden me.

So yesterday, in the tumult of the graduation this morning, I roasted a big butt.

You make an East Coast Grill inspired dry rub: Equal amounts of cumin and paprika.  Salt, pepper, white sugar, and brown sugar to taste.  Rub that butt.

Place on rack in put in oven at 350.

Walk, run, read, and write for a few hours.

Remove from oven and let cool.

Chop up that sucker into shredded-size pieces and put into pot.

You make an East Coast Grill inspired “sauce”: Equal amounts of cider vinegar and white vinegar, red chili pepper flakes, Tabasco, pepper, salt, and sugar to taste.   Pour onto shredded pork and mix by hand.

Place on little, fluffy rolls, top with slaw, add dab of BBQ sauce–Blue Ribbon is pretty wonderful–and open a cold one.

What, me worry?

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