The Pizza Crisis of Today: A Modern Parable

All went well last night as 60 or more well-wishers arrived in my home to eat and drink in celebration of their college graduates.  The vibe was so pleasant that it was possible for the host to enjoy himself.  He had a good time drinking temperate amounts of Cloudy Bay, not hitting the Bombay until late when all but a few hardcore revelers had left.

The damage was impressive:

Of 72 pulled pork sammiches, only 12 remained.  A winner of regional BBQ sampled the product and praised the balance of vinegar.  Correctly, he noted how salt was limited, which meant less depth.  True, but necessary, as I knew the crowd would not like the saltier, restaurant quality version.

Two cases of beer: Wiped out except for six Red Stripe.

A case of Prosecco: Gone.

Eight of 12 bottles of white wine: Emptied.

Two of four pounds of prosciutto eaten.

Grilled vegetables: History

Four trays of pizza: Ah, now here’s the conundrum.  Two trays were not eaten.  So it’s non-stop pizza, day and night, can’t stop eating the Galleria Umberto slices.

I fear where this will lead…

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