Alton, Salt, and The Holy Spirit

Today’s NY Times reports on the front page: Several big processed food companies are fighting back against medical claims that cutting back on salt will decrease the risks of strokes and heart attacks.

Shilling for the industry is Food Network guy Alton Brown.  Turns out Mr. Brown is a Born again Christian.

Is there a connection between faith and a willingness to ignore the scientific data showing that high salt intake is deleterious to one’s health?

How many research scientists are born again?

I have no idea.  Just asking.

Seems that there are three principal ways for industry in this unregulated, wholly profit driven country to adopt safer, consumer driven, scientifically informed changes:

The first is for a guy like Nader to push for laws that regulate industry to make the changes.

The second is for consumers to pay more for healthier products.  (This requires something called, “A Business Plan.”  Google that.  It’s an interesting concept.)

The third way is for government to provide financial incentives that will save industry money when they make the changes.

Meanwhile, the shills carry the day.

Do you think that Alton is getting paid by direct deposit or that he has to sign each check and deposit it himself?

Lord knows.

One thought on “Alton, Salt, and The Holy Spirit

  1. Alton Brown is a born-again Christian? Holy crap that’s earth-shattering! He had me wondering how much you’d have to pay someone to make them indifferent toward their integrity and reputation, but yeah maybe religion helps grease the skids by making irrationality more viable. I should write a paper on this. But I won’t.

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