The Psychopathology of Everyday Eating

Theory A:

Thinking about food is, I find, nearly as enjoyable as eating.  That’s just me, but a lesson can be found that applies to others.  Chiefly, being hungry, I am more alert and intrigued than when I’m satisfied.

Corollary #1: Most food I eat is pretty boring after the first few bites.  One reason why in most restaurants I’ll order two appetizers rather than an entree or why small servings of multiple courses are intriguing.

Corollary #2: Most food I see in stores, cafes, and restaurants has no appeal.  Too big, too colorfully packaged, too evidently salty or sugary, too limited in textures, lacking a relationship to terroir or place.  Might as well be in a space station on Mars.

Theory B:

Most people I know eat for emotional reasons as often as they do to satisfy a physiological need.  When I’m anxious, no food interests me.  I’ll run or take a walk.  Depressed, I crave pasta.

Corollary #1: Anxiety reduces awareness.

Corollary #2: Carbohydrates may increase serotonin levels.

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