Monkeys Redux

Outside of the apple orchards and city streets, literal herds of monkeys state territorial claims on pine trees, walls, and paths.  They are in no joking mood.

Storm, assistant GM here at Wildflower Hall, a lovely property hosting me for two nights (meals are extra), informed me of having been attacked by two big monkeys as she made her way to her cottage, hands full of laundry.

My companion advises me: “Don’t look them in the eye.”  That works.  For now.

Stomach grumblings in said companion and then seeing a four pound increase in my weight in just 10 days–the hotel has a scale in our bathroom (just ours?)–has led to a dramatic decision: Eat less.

Food, which, as noted, I am paying for, is very good here.  A wonderful grilled cheese sandwich for lunch did the trick.  Dinner was Thai chicken with dried chili peppers on the side.  Cold Kingfisher?  You bet.

This A.M. it was good, old southern cooking: Dosas, uttapham, idli.  Really delicious, first-rate, with a fine balance of textures, temperatures, spices.  Dese dosas are good!

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