What Do Monkeys Want?

What do they want?  I don’t mean in general–food, warmth, love, security, companionship, decent but not too aggressive IRA growth, bananas, things we all want–but specifically, here on the plush grounds of Wildflower Hall.

Why, they have everything: Apples, a gazebo, tall trees.  Do they require greater shelter from the rain?  Unlocked garbage bins?  Hard to say, hard to tell, but I am on the case.

Back to gustatory pleasures.

This place is pretty tony.  They’ve taken the best of European, Japanese, Indian, and Muslim styles and refined each of them.  Hence, ice cold Beefeater gin Martini’s at $11 a pop with fresh hummus accented with coriander before a roaring fire.  Followed by baby lamb served  in a glassed inn patio in view of a raging monsoon: Doors fly open, candles extinguish, the sambal skirts the sauce.

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