The Egg Crisis: Day Seven

If you were to take a half billion eggs and stack them in crates, the tower would reach the moon.  Probably.  Not for certain, but probably.  So when the FDA ordered the recall of 500,000,000 eggs, due to concerns about salmonella enteritidis, it means serious business.

Why now?  Good question.  What happened was that in September, 2009, the FDA got the power, logistical support, expertise, and employees needed to suss out problems in the vast network of food suppliers and producers in the USA.  Up to that point, companies could voluntarily report concerns or problems.

Background questions (5 points):

Q1: What happens in developing nations without regulatory agencies?

A: People get sick and die from common food-borne illnesses.

Q2: What happened in the USA prior to FDA controls?

A: See A to Q1.

The egg problem is really the sphere of the shell.  Other supplies–organic, schmorganic, what have you–are risky business.  Did anyone suspect in 1989 that the fall of communism would lead to unbridled corporate practices?  I tell you, there’s no end to it.

Maybe the best thing to do is become a Jain.  Let us pray:

Namo Arihantänam

Namo Siddhänam

Namo Äyariyänam

Namo Uvajjhäyänam

Namo Loe Savva Sähunam

Eso Panch Namokkäro


Manglänancha Savvesim

Padhamam Havai Mangalam.

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