The Refrigerator Story: Day One, Rant One

Yesterday in the Food section of The Boston Globe a story ran on folks in the area involved in the food and restaurant industries: What’s in each fridge?

A harebrained piece if ever there was one: I mean, did they know in advance and stock up?  Further, most cooks and chefs have the same few basic stuff: Olive oil, butter, pasta, canned tomatoes, etc.

But it got me to thinking, what’s in my fridge?

Cheating a bit, let’s go wild: What’s in the pantry & freezer, too?

Pantry: Every spice known to mankind, included beautiful, long, red, dried chili peppers from Lower Bazaar, Shimla that exude heat, no kidding, and can tear paint off a wall (kidding).  In addition: Olive oil, several bottles of vinegar, pasta, tomato paste, crushed tomatoes, canola oil, dried beans, and gin.

Freezer: Racks of ribs, chicken thighs, ground beef, ground veal, bialys.

Fridge: Butter, celery, onions, carrots, assorted vegetables.

We are on a war footing.  Supply lines are good.

One thought on “The Refrigerator Story: Day One, Rant One

  1. I thought all chef home refrigerators had just three standard items:

    – bottle of champagne
    – capers
    – some horrible bit of junk food, like cheez whiz

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