Food Pyramids & Pharaonic Dynasties

Back in the day, the pyramids were built by slaves apparently to hold crypts of mummies.  We’ve changed: Older, wiser.

The pyramids nowadays are all about food: Helping Americans and illegal immigrants to live healthier lives by eating food that won’t kill us off.  Every five years, the USDA issues new guidelines for the pyramids and front page news today was all about the changes expected in early 2011.

The big news, according to a report in the Chicago Tribune on the USDA:  “The main changes proposed for the dietary guidelines include reducing daily sodium intake from 2,300 milligrams to 1,500 milligrams, reducing the percentage of saturated fat in the diet from 10 percent to 7 percent, reductions in foods with added sugars and an avoidance of artificial trans fats altogether. The report also highlighted the importance of vitamin D, calcium, potassium and dietary fiber, and it recommends eating 8 ounces of seafood a week.”

Naturally, lobbyists in the industries that produce foods that have salt content that exceeds the guidelines; saturated fat that exceeds the guidelines; sugar that exceeds the guidelines; and, trans fats  are lobbying Congress with evidence from studies that support their position.

It’s easy to talk about how to remedy the problem: Cook & eat at home; no snacks (sorry); fruit, vegetables, fish, etc.  But we all know that the most likely outcomes will be bigger people whose stress is mitigated by that really delicious second helping of cheesecake.  Which leads us back to the crypts, unfortunately.

This is the old pyramid:

This is the new pyramid:

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