Market: A Review & The West Cambridge Question

I really love Market. It’s a restaurant “brand” operated by Jean Georges Vongerichten, who opened a place with the same name in Vancouver.  I went there last night before a play.  Second visit.  It’s in the new W Hotel in downtown Boston.  We’re talking:

Ice cold, bone dry Plymouth Martini’s with tiny onions.

Raw chopped tuna with avocado and a hint of sesame oil.

Grilled lobster tails.

A rare cheeseburger with a smidge of Russian dressing.

A cute little pizza with specks of black truffles.

Warm beet salad.

I’m still trying to figure out what pizza was doing on the menu.  (The kitchen sent it out.  I don’t know why.)  Then again it had as much right to be there as the burger.

Service was very reliable.  The server was a bit on the TMI side, providing a very detailed history of her life in the business to the eight top next to ours whose eyes glazed over when she hit the midway mark.

The room was chill.

Easily, one of the best restaurants in town by way of Alsace & NYC.

On another note: Today’s Boston Globe had a long piece on West Cambridge.  Yo, yo, yo: M’hood.  The odd part was, leaving aside the fact that the BBQ noted at Formaggio isn’t BBQ (it’s grilled) and isn’t good and is way overpriced and not saying much about Sofra, which is so pricey as to seem silly to the Armenian grocers in that neighborhood whose cuisine the restaurant has mimicked, how is it possible, really, that a piece on West Cambridge could not even mention Hi-Rise Bakery?  Hi-Rise is the only bakery in the Boston-Cambridge nexus to be included in the book on artisanal baking in America, it has the best bread in the region, and is a hub of activity seven days a week.  I think I know why.

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