How to Cook

It’s Wednesday, the Food sections are out, and as usual I feel like a curmudgeon and a surly one at that after reading articles and recipes in them.

Take the vindaloo recipe in today’s Boston Globe.  No marinade, no mustard oil, and the meat is cooked with the spices rather than prior and added to them as is one of many unifying techniques in the most basic Indian cooking. Kinda makes ya wonder if writer or editor understands what’s what on the subcontinent.

But never mind.  Let’s be positive.

Let’s pretend it’s Paxil in the water and not Fluoride.

I say: Refine the dishes of your childhood, adolescence, early love life as an adult, and your travels.  That’s what chefs do.  That’s also cooking based on passion and experience.

Take burgers.  Most chefs?  They’d love to open a burger joint.  Pitchers of beer, rare meat, good music.  Chill.

One reason why so many of the top chefs are selling burgers on their menus.

But say you’re vegan, like Bill Clinton, as reported in today’s NYT Food section: Take the spices, textures, and temperatures from times noted and apply them to items that never had legs or eyes.

The trick is cooking from the heart while employing skills.

What skills?

Sharp knives, salt, and pepper.  You get that down, the rest is easy.

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