NYC and the Soda Laws: “Pouring on the Pounds”

Drinking sugared soda causes excessive weight gain and can lead to a plethora of medical illnesses–chiefly, diabetes–so of course–of course–I am 100% behind Mayor Bloomberg’s effort to curtail soda consumption.  The only sentient creatures opposed to the mayor’s big plans are the lab monkeys who get to drink sugared sodas in nutritional trials, the companies that manufacture the sodas, and The Tea Party members who’ve drunk the Kool-Aid.

So when I read today’s piece in the NY Times on soda––it was disappointing to see that the city is using an ad campaign imprecise in its language.  The ad states: “Drinking 1 can of soda a day can make you 10 pounds fatter a year. Don’t drink yourself FAT.”

The problem is: The claim doesn’t have scientific validity.  The article quotes the city’s chief nutritionist, Cathy Nonas, who, in an internal memo, wrote, “CAUTION.  As we get into this exacting science, the idea of a sugary drink becoming fat is absurd.”

The article continues:  “Ms. Nonas, along with at least two of her colleagues and a Columbia University professor they consulted, expressed strong doubts about the weight-gain message of the video and urged the department to rethink it. They pointed out that, on an individual basis, the conversion of calories into fat depends on factors like exercise, genes, gender, age and overall calorie consumption.  ‘Basic premise doesn’t work,’ Dr. Michael Rosenbaum, a professor of pediatrics and clinical medicine at Columbia, said in an e-mail to Ms. Nonas on Aug. 18, 2009.”

I think the City should initiate a campaign to come up with a great ad slogan that’s fun and accurate.  Maybe, “Drink this and Die,” or, “Drink Your Way to Diabetes,” I don’t know, I just work here.  But someone must have a better answer.

It’s the fat thing?  Things get fatter with Coke?  I dunno.

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