Wednesday Food Sections: Strange, New Happenings

Only 63 hours until The Fat Man chuckles and lands on the rooftop with his reindeer, and the excitement here?  Visceral.

Still, responsibilities loom and this being Wednesday the Food sections catch my eye.

Today was flat out weird in one paper and positively uplifting in another.  Makes you think Healy might be wrong on the bipolar-drug company link.  But I digress…

The Boston Globe

Today’s review of Journeyman was by far among the silliest and least informative.  Ever.  Ever, ever, ever.   Early on, the reviewer writes that as she is known to the owners, having written about them before, she is, “Not an anonymous diner here.”  Is she kidding?  This is a major newspaper, folks.  How can a reviewer write a review of a restaurant knowing that the food and service she receives will surely not be even close to what others experience?  Nothing wrong with writing about the restaurant as a feature, but a review?  Was her editor out to lunch?  BTW: If you come up with as worse name for a restaurant, let me know.

That said, the reviewer goes on to say that the food is most like, “Japanese kaiseki,” food.  No, it isn’t.  Kaiseki food–why does she write Japanese?  Is that to differentiate the food from Finnish kaiseki?–is chiefly seasonal and chiefly vegetarian.  The menu at Journeyman?  The reviewer describes one pork dish after another.  Is pork in season?  You want kaiseki, go to Kajitsu in the East Village.  That’s kaiseki.

The kicker is when the reviewer tells of a long wait for food she attempts to deal with by ordering something to drink and says: “The server won’t let us order the bottle of txaoli,” because the server feels it would spoil the next course.  Cool.  So the server is paying for the meal?  Must be.  Because that’s got to be a first: No place, not The French Laundry, not Robuchon, no place would a server refuse a reasonable request.

Prices here?  Three courses = $39.  Five courses = $65  Seven courses = $85.

Cheaper to eat in NYC.  Which brings us to…

The New York Times

The reviewer writes a good review of a new place in Brooklyn: Anela.  Vegetarian driven, unpretentious, a solid neighborhood place about the food.  Not the chef!  App’s: $9-14.  Entrees: $13-25.

So, do the math.  Dinner for two here is exactly equal to the lowest end three-course in Somerville: $78.  And…$92 less than the seven course meal.

Jeez, Louise!  When will it be Christmas???


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