Free Food!

Panic in the streets.  A storm is looming and, armed with shovels, we are at the doorway, near the alleys, ready to battle The White Demons, as they say ’round these parts.   A freezer of fish, ground turkey, and pork ribs…will it be enough?

It will not be enough.

So moments from now…just moments…I will venture to Russo’s to deal with the manic crowds who will be in the aisles as if the food is free.

It’s not free.  Nothing is free.  Everything has its price, whether it’s the Ukrainian pole dancer, the package of chicken thighs, or the basket of fruit.

We’ll stock up: Lemons, mushrooms, scallions, leeks, tangerines, cheese, chicken…

Scary times we live in, foreboding.  Gloom and doom!

I’ll need to get online later to order food to be shipped up: Zabar’s & Barney Greengrass.


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