Thai In & Mikhail Khodorkovsky

I’ve been assigned to write a romantic piece for Thai airlines on 10 global spots worth visiting for V-Day.  Having crossed Fort L off the list, that leaves NYC, Calistoga, Siem Reap, Kanazawa, Bern, etc.

Romance is such a funny word.  No accident that Chet Baker sang about his “funny” valentine in that harsh, raspy voice of his.  Actually, first smooth and then, after his teeth were punched and pulled out, raspy.

More to the point: The New Year’s eve countdown.  Don’t ya just love it?  XMAS over, you think you’re free, but then we’ve got another holiday on the horizon.

Plenty of restaurants will give you a good show for your money, but unless you’re away from home, in a new city, why not stay home?

Here we’re talking oysters, hiramasa, ‘shrooms, and little, tiny baby lamb chops with Indian lentils.  Lots of talk, a fire blazing, you know the drill.

In Thailand, meanwhile, it’s love, love, love.

Six years for Mikhail Khodorkovsky?!  What terrible, sad news.  Put down that sandwich and protest!


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