A Review: Sichuan Gourmet (Brookline)

Having trekked or shlepped or made our way to Logan for Day Two of trying to get to Planet Japan, we found ourselves at the gate facing A.A. officials who looked as if they could use a drink.

Cancelled!  Mechanical failure.  In turn, I cancelled the entire trip, lacking logistical support for the journey, only to rebook it when I returned home after consulting with the Japanese, on the ground, on Planet Japan.

Tired, hungry, too agitated to eat, I reflect instead on Sichuan Gourmet.  The restaurant, a branch of the Billerica original, serves delicious food.  Sure, the menu has the same deep fried stuff you find everywhere.  We saw tables teeming with wings, General Gau’s chicken (why is that title capitalized?), and sweet and sour things, lots of them.  People looked happy.

Still, the Sichuan items sing:

Vinegary, sweet, spicy dumplings the size of teaspoons and stuffed with scallions and ground pork

Thin noodles in a peppery sauce and numbing peppers

Ma Pa Tofu with the soy soft and delicate while the heat was powerful

Great textures, temperatures!

The joint itself is very ordinary: Blaring daytime T.V. above the long bar, a staff that has no affect, rooms that resemble Gymboree waiting rooms.

Mind, my metabolism has changed with age.  I was drenched with sweat as I ate and drank water constantly.  Loved that heated feeling though, made winter seem like spring or summer.


3 thoughts on “A Review: Sichuan Gourmet (Brookline)

  1. I thought the flavors at Sichuan Gourmet were a little repetitive though–all vinegary and salty with similar spices–no? Still delicious.

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