Sichuan Gourmet or The Coming Unrest in Cuba

I was this close–this close, a stone’s throw away–from going on and on about another delicious lunch at Sichuan Gourmet on Beacon Street in Brookline.  Yes, the hot and sour soup, Dan Dan noodles, and Old Sichuan Chicken were exemplary. By meal’s end, I was drenched in sweat.

Yet, more pressing matters:

Protesters are being strafed in Libya, the Egyptian and Tunisian governments are overthrown, and unrest mounts throughout the Arab world.

Warplanes bombing protesters in Libya!  Can you believe it.  And still: Where’s the best hummus in Tripoli?

Wait and see: Cuba is next.  Although access to the Internet is limited under the Castro regime, despite the policed state, word is out.  Crowds will be taking to the streets.  Wait and see…

The Cuban Sandwich: Symbol of Democracy

Grilled Cuban Sandwich  Stock Photo - 4612592

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