Doughnuts & Coffee

The front page of  The New York Times has a marvelous juxtaposition pointed out to us here at Haas HQ by one of our minion of loyal readers (moniker: Madeline).

The headline, “Fighting Nears Tripoli, Where Qaddafi Keeps Grip on Power,” exactly next to this headline: “A Flowering of the Doughnut Arts.”

Get this man a doughnut!

The photo for the doughnut story shows two urban gawkers in front of a glass display case of doughnuts.  Meanwhile, the mind wanders to the tumult and uproar in Libya.  This is the kind of spectacular postmodern thingamajig kind of discombobulation that makes fiction kind of tertiary:  The real world is more amazing.

Note the worried look on the doughnut chef below.  Is the concern due to the bloodshed in Africa?  Or is it due to the crucial indecision of: If you only are permitted to eat one doughnut, which one would it be?

estimating cake female chef in white uniform and hat with  doughnuts Stock Photo - 7865856


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