Market: A Review

Before going to hear Nicholas Payton perform at Scullers the other night, a joyous event, by the way, we had the chance to eat at Market.  This has been my favorite restaurant in Boston since it opened a couple of years back.

The setting is refined and yet bustling with life.  The energy is evident, the crowd diverse, the room pleasant.

The food, as usual, was wonderful: Beautiful apps of salmon sashimi, scallops sashimi, and tuna sashimi.  Followed by lamb, a delicious and rare burger, red snapper, and slow cooked salmon.  The food is informed by restraint, respect for ingredients, and simple platings that are thankfully not over-abundant as is often the case in this town where size matters.

No wonder Market is so good: The executive chef is Jean Georges Vongerichten, Alsatian born chef, whose mastery of Southeast Asian products is achieved through French cooking techniques he first learned at Auberge d’Ill.  Now there’s a restaurant worth a detour!  When I have interviewed Jean Georges, he has often spoken of that transformative experience.  Later he combined it with the tastes of Bangkok.

Jean Georges got his U.S. start in Boston before hightailing it to Manhattan as excited as a 12-year old seeing his or her first Broadway play.

The menu at Market has several of his classics also to be found at Nougatine in NYC.

The service still lags–one had to help the waiter decide when to fire dishes, clear plates, etc.–but the food trumped.


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