The Monday Club Bar: A Review

With the NYC cousins in town for the week, it was time to get out of the house and find a bite to eat.  I’d cooked turkey meatballs and penne and then, the next night, it was jerk chicken, but these cousins offered to host us in a restaurant and who am I to say no?

Harvard Square is just down the street and with 7 of us, that made the most sense.

At The Monday Club Bar, the informal rooms of Upstairs in the Square, we were given a killer, round table with views of the postage stamp park.  Menus, water, drinks.

The service here is just about the best in Boston and Cambridge: Pleasant, efficient, rhythmic.  Never mind that the dishes did not come out at the same time.  We’ll ignore that, OK?

Anyhow, the app’s of bacon wrapped, almond filled dates were good though at two bucks a date, the mark-up is goofy.  We won’t ignore that.

A deconstructed Caesar salad with “toad in the hole” (poached egg in brioche) was exceptionally delicious.

Entrees of duck, ravioli, a burger, tagliatelle, and tomato soup with grilled cheese?  Got to say that the ravioli were good.  The soup tasted like sauce.  All in all, very good food…sort of an extremely low-key version of Union Square.

Best dish?  Hands down, the lettuce leaves and the poached egg.  What’s that tell ya?

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