New from Planet Japan

The news this past ten days reminded me that I’d written my doctoral thesis on the psychological effects of living under the threat of nuclear war and had studied Japan back then.


More news from friends in Japan.  I started going to Japan regularly as of 2003.  Now I realize more deeply the feelings I have for friendships there…:

“A sixteen-year-old boy and his eighty-year-old grandmother were found under rubble today!  They survived ten days by drinking coke and eating yogurt.” (Kiyomi, Ishikawa)

“I had been busy for a while. My friend arrived Tokyo on early morning on last Saturday from UK. Actually she is originally from Sweden, but was born in Tokyo. She decided and made very important work for a news paper which is the largest in Sweden. It happened in a very short term. She came here to write about Japan after the earthquake. Anyway, I am helping her work soon after she arrived. So much interviews, walking all whole day. Especially today.. We went to one shelter opened three days ago for refugees from North. I had kept speaking = translating( I am not a translator basically. but I am sure it seems to work). There were a lot of nice meetings, but I got very tired. As every interview let me consume so much energy. Parhaps it is because every person had been experienced a lot of hardnesses.” (Yuko, Tokyo)

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