What Are They Feeding the Children?

Today’s top story in The Boston Globe: Across the state of Massachusetts, kids are being fed expired food in cafeterias for lunches provided by their schools.  First, it was Boston.  The person responsible?  She was transferred to some other department.

Today?  Today we learn that all across the state, in many schools, food with expired dates is being sent to cafeterias for lunches.

They didn’t say if the food is sustainable, humane, organic, vegan, or, in a new twist on what’s healthy and what’s not, schmoreganic.  I am not sure what schmoreganic means, but, anyhow, it’s less relevant here than the expired dates, which is a serious issue.

People send their kids to private schools or religious schools for all sorts of reasons.  Is feeding them food that won’t make them sick another one to add to the list?

Me? I’m thinking: If this is happening in Massachusetts, what’s happening in poorer states or states where education isn’t as great a priority?

Great reporting in the Globe story.

Does it make you want to home school?

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