Cheap Eats

With a 20 year old in the house–bored and ravenous–I find myself on the road, which is atypical.  Normally, if you calculate the hours, I am right here writing; in a mental hospital; in a kitchen; walking the dog at least five times a day; or, in the gym running two to four miles and lifting weights so I can slam Nick Diaz this June in Vegas.  Be there or see it on Pay-For-View: Haas-Diaz Welterweight Championship Yo-Yo-Yo Fight, June 12th LIVE from Wynn’s.  No Lie.

Anyhow, I was saying, with the 20 year old in the house, I am on the road eating good food.  Places like:

Sullivan’s.  Castle Island, South Boston.  If you can’t “bond” with your family over grilled dogs on toasted rolls with a side of fries while sitting on metal benches here then you need family therapy.

Five Guys.  O-Mi-God, as they say in Japan.  This has got to to be the East Coast version of In and Out Burgers.  We’re talking delicious grilled beef patties, a choice of a bazillion free toppings, good rolls, unlimited refills, and Frenchies to die for. Did I mention that while you wait for  your order that they have free roasted nuts in the shell?  Unbelievable.

Who knows what today will bring?  Such joy in my heart, overflowing with goodness.

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