Catch O’ The Day

Once again, the Business section has the best food story.  Not just of the day or month, but of the year:

We’re talking here about restaurants bringing radiation detectors into their kitchens to determine if fish they are serving–fish that has already been inspected at the source and cleared U.S. customs–is radioactive.

Apparently, according to the article, 4% of U.S. fish comes from Japan.  To say nothing of the radioactivity that spreads globally through ocean waters.

Even more specifically:

India has banned all fish from Japan for the next three months at which point the situation will be reevaluated.

Eric Ripert, chef  of Le Bernadin, the best seafood/fish restaurant in the country, “has also stopped buying fish from Japan, which means no high-quality, farm-raised hamachi and kampachi for raw seafood dishes.”

How do you say YIKES in Japanese?  I’ll show you: .

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