I Love My Burka!

Today, in France, home of cheese, wine, Vichy, the highest rates of prescribed antidepressants in the world, and a sort of love affair with racism and anti-Semitism that, ironically, produced the great works of Fanon, Sartre, Camus, and Proust, the ban on burkas went into effect.

Arrests, protests, turmoil!

But honestly, and I think we can be honest here, we’re among friends:

1. How many girls grow up wanting to look like sacks of wheat?

2. Isn’t the burka another way for men to try to control women’s bodies?

What’s puzzling here?

Not the answers to the questions above.  No.  (Although for those stumped, the answer to Question #1 is: ZERO.  The answer to Question #2 is: YES.)

What’s puzzling is: Why now?  And: Why in France?

Personally?  Personally, I think the French feel more excited about cheese and their perceived way of life than they do about rescuing women from religious oppression.  So perhaps the ban is an expression of their historical antipathy towards Arabs.  Oui?  C’est vrai?  You see my point?

After all, they allow the nuns, priests, rabbis and their wives, Buddhist monks, and punks to dress any way they like.

So: Should we save the burka?  Or should we just forget all of this and bemoan the sale of Taillevent to an international conglomerate?

This woman can no longer get a table at Taillevent dressed like this:

However, this man?  Table for him and his “nephew”:

Priest With Rosary and Bible

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