Food Costs Keep Rising

Hey, you,  I’m talking to you, that’s right.  Put down the bagel.

Food prices: They are going up:

17% higher on beef in the US compared to last year, according to a recent piece in The NY Times.

10.2% overall in China.

Globally, corn and wheat up 49% compared to 2009, according to the WSJ.

Just look at this:

Yikes, huh?

So while we’re all busy discussing where to eat and what to eat and how to kill animals, etc., supplies are getting costlier.  Honestly, we’re being distracted by taste rather than focusing on the economic sources of that delicious bagel.  (You can have a bite now.)

In the Middle East and North Africa, reports indicate that the unrest stems from many factors; one chief factor is the rising cost of basic foods like bread.  Over here, it’ll be interesting to see the ramifications of grocery bills soaring.  What will happen?

You there, with the bagel, what’s your guess?   What’s that?  You think that the folks who can’t afford the food will be ignored?  Really?  Is that what you think?

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