The One That Got Away

Big news in today’s NYT, Biz section, ‘natch, when it comes to food.  That fish on your plate or in the store?  Maybe it’s not what the label says.

In fact, according to a report released this week by the independent, non-profit Oceana, something like 80% of smoked cod sold in Ireland, for example, isn’t cod.  That grouper?  Probably catfish from ‘Nam.

Why this matters: Prices high for fancy fish, for one thing; unfair to folks selling the real thing; taste.

From the article: “Yellowtail stands in for mahi-mahi. Nile perch is labeled as shark, and tilapia may be the Meryl Streep of seafood, capable of playing almost any role.”

And this: “With rates of fraud in some species found to run as high as 70 percent, the report concluded, the United States needs to ‘increase the frequency and scope’ of its inspections.”

Here’s the link:

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