The Nutrition Plate

Big news in the world of healthy eating: The feds as of today released THE NUTRITION PLATE.  It replaces THE FOOD PYRAMID.

The short version of the long story?  No more Snickers unless you’re wearing a costume.  Meat only if you have killed the animal yourself.  Smaller portions.  Make half the plate fruits and vegetables.

This is really a good thing.  Good for healthy living, good for flavor, good for farmers, good for the beasts being eaten in droves.

Marion Nestle, famous nutrition expert whose wisdom is enormously valuable, had this to say about it:

From the article in today’s New York Times: “‘It’s better than the pyramid, but that’s not saying a lot,’ said Marion Nestle, a professor of nutrition at New York University.  She praised the plate for being generally easy to understand, but she said that labeling a large section of the plate ‘protein’ was confusing and unnecessary, because grains and dairy also are important sources of protein and most Americans get far more protein than they need.  But she said the emphasis on fruits and vegetables was a significant step. ‘Americans aren’t used to eating this way, so this is a big change,’ Ms. Nestle said.

On a related issue, Will Self, writing in The London Review of Books in late April, mocked sustainability as a capitalist marketing tool.  I couldn’t agree more with Brother Will.

The Plate looks like this:

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