Eat Organic and Die

Um, all the time and money spent on organic branding?  It’s nice, it’s OK, it may even be good for, um, the, um planet.  But healthier?  I don’t think so and neither does Germany at this moment:

As reported in the BBC moments ago:  “New data released in Germany strongly suggests that locally produced bean sprouts were, as suspected, the source of the deadly E. coli outbreak.’It’s the bean sprouts,’ said Reinhard Burger, head of Germany’s centre for disease control.”  (

29 people died in Germany within the past two weeks from E. coli bacteria now traced to the bean sprouts from an organic farm.  The thing is saying something is organic is no guarantee: Not of health, taste, wages paid workers, or effect on the soil.  The UK won’t allowed organic producers to make health claims for their products, saying there’s no evidence to support this.

One thought on “Eat Organic and Die

  1. When this story first came out many of the site libtards blamed the outbreak on antibiotic resistance caused by over use in beef production (in Germany??!) – that is – they blamed the outbreak on evil meat eaters.

    But instead it was the sprout grazers who were behind it all along. (BTW – I enjoy sprouts on my sandwiches – and beef too).

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