Don’t You Love Group On?

I do.  It gets me places I’d never try.  Take “The Maharajah,” a new restaurant in Harvard Square.  In the space that housed “The Bombay Club,” the restaurant is the pan-Indian sort of place that’s fun to enjoy with a crowd or on Date Night.

The room has the darkness and music one hears in India in restaurants just like it.  The tables have glass tops in which there are wood carvings resembling haveli architecture.

The staff appear to have been culled from local universities and have a pleasant, efficient, somewhat welcome ironic style.

The food: We ordered a chicken vindaloo, a dal, and a saag paneer.  Look, this isn’t high-end dining and for sure the food isn’t as focused as Tamarind Bay across the street.  Instead, it’s simple Indian restaurant food: Neither memorable nor original, but, as noted, the Group On and The Date Night made for the perfect storm: $51.25 on a $50 Group On that cost $25.

The restaurant as yet has no license to sell alcoholic drinks, which accounts for the low tab, and I reckon that it won’t be around long so get it now.  Why won’t it be around long?  Two reasons: #1.  No license to sell wine, beer, or cocktails.  Unless they own the space, there won’t be enough $ to meet expenses.  Wait, maybe they do own the space.  Which brings us to #2.  The food is OK, but certainly not worth the price without the Group On.  I mean, honestly, would you spend $51.25 for a chicken entree, a bowl of lentils, and a plate of cheese and spinach?

Which is why I love Group On.

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