What’s all the fuss about Bulgur?

Ever since the Fed’s caught up with Whitey, it’s been, “Whitey this,” and, “Whitey that,” and who knew him and when.  I just don’t get it.  Either you like bulgur or you don’t.  Add it to grilled meat or enjoy it with vegetarian options, but why go on about it?

Oh, it’s not that bulgur, it’s Bulger.  I see.  Well, that’s different.  But you can appreciate my confusion, I think.

After all, here’s what bulgur looks like:

Pile of Wheat Grains with Ears Stock Photo - 7653068

And here’s what Bulger looks like:

Now I’m not saying that an alleged psychopathic murderer looks just like a grain that originates in Turkey and spread throughout the Ottoman Empire–we’re talking Old School imperialism, yo–but it’s an honest case of mistaken identity and I’m sure I’m not the only one making it.


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