Labor Day, Kerala Style

I haven’t seen any SUV’s loading up summer gear, signaling the end of summer, but instead lots of folks, MMID (Mostly Men in Dhoti’s) strolling the beach.  Packs of stray dogs, little holes in the sand with cocoa colored human poop, and strands of gray-green seaweed.

Other colors, too: The magnificent turquoise Kingisher; blue skies this A.M.; Halloween orange of the mango’s interior; the hot pink binding of the latest book I’m reading: ” Last Man in Tower.”  I picked this up at the Mumbai airport, was it ages ago, as I had enjoyed “The White Toger,” the Booker prize winning novel by the same author, Aravind Adiga.

You see, all is well in the Realm of Observation.

I wish I could say the same for other sensory realms.  That’s right, I’m talking about Taste.  Look, the two fish dinners and the two chicken dinners were good–one chicken dinner was flat out amazing and one fish dinner was very good.  But they all were made with the same spice paste.  So why were two better than the other two?  Better fish in one case; tandoor chicken (vs pan seared) in the other.  Here’s the thing: Why no curry?  Why no sauce?  Why nothing distinctively Keralan?

I can see I’d better return to writing.

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