Kerala Karavan: Onam Blues

So this is Onam, and what have we done?  Another year older, a new one just begun.  Well, it’s over for me, at least, as we fly to Mumbai today at 1:55 P.M.

Yesterday evening a boy nearly drowned in the sea.  Packs of wild dogs fought and barked and howled all night.  BJP ministers were picked up on corruption charges.   Just another 24 hours in Kerala.

Meen curry here last night, too:  What, no tamarind juice?  No black tamarind husks?  No care?  Well, at least the vegetables were delicious, as always!

Love the complexities in Kerala and the time to write: Finished a solid draft of the book’s first section on the psychology of chefs.

Mumbai: Good food, chaos!   And reading Adiga’s book set in the slums around the airport will add much, I think, to observation.  Isn’t that another song?  “Ob-ser-va-tion!”  No, wait, that’s: “I-so-la-tion!”


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