Monday Morning Blues

I have heard, just a rumor, that the new DSM-V, out in January, 2012, will include a diagnostic code for a disorder called, “Monday Morning Blues,” or 234.10 or MMB, as it is known to sufferers.  In an article related to his work on the DSM-V, the author of the section, a Dr. Franklin Goer (U-Penn Medical School) acknowledges “partial Pfizer funding” for the study that led him to conclude that the disorder exists and is “best treated” with Zoloft, a Pfizer drug.

I do not suffer from MMB, as every day for us village idiots is pretty much the same as every other day.  The world remains a mystery: Tides, sunrises, condensation, anything related to science is a miracle or a surprise.

All this is my way of saying that I am back to reality.

Here’s the thing: Left Kerala on Wednesday.  The house we stayed in was lovely and pleasant, as was the beach, but the food was two bites away from inedible.  Bland, monochromatic, and prepared with no love, interest, or care.  It was that deadly combination in a kitchen of inability and apathy with, top down, direction from a boss who was soused and deeply incurious.

So it was a thrill to arrive in Mumbai for two way too brief nights at the Taj on the harbor.  Delicious dinner at Marsala Kraft of tandoor chicken and dal!  Great breakfast of dosa and sweet lime juice!  Good Chinese food at Golden Dragon!  A final meal at Marautha at Peshwari of tandoor lamb, black dal, and onion kulcha.

The Taj is by far one of the most interesting properties I’ve ever stayed in: Views of the harbor, a tragic history, a noble history.  A history.  How many buildings have as rich a history?

Mumbai itself?  Can’t wait to return: Sidewalks where you can go for miles beneath arcades, through diverse crowds of suspects, and in view of Victorian buildings from the Raj.  Mumbai is a city that begs for inspection.

Meanwhile, back in black & white Boston, I’m seeing mental patients–two hospitals on the Saturday morning of our return–and running and cooking: Grilled Waygu, salmon burgers, veal polpetti.

MMB, take that!  Back, MMB!  Back!

4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues

  1. You should really move to Mumbai, then. Or anywhere else. Seriously. Please.

    Reply: Too funny. You only comment on this site when I criticize Boston critics. We all know who you are, kiddo. Get a life. (PS: There is no “comma” needed after Mumbai. Where’s your copy editor? Out to lunch?)

  2. I just think it’s sad that a grown man mmm
    Hmm mmmmm
    (ideally someplace with no internet connection).

    Where did you criticize Boston critics in this piece?

    Reply: I don’t hate Boston. As we say here, stranger: Where are you from? I have never said anywhere at any time that I hate Boston. You are, I think, as dumb as a post, which makes me sad. I do think that Boston has a restaurant scene so dismal as to be shameful, and I am far from alone with that opinion. Boston has world class museums, hospitals, schools, views, people, basketball, bakeries, and music. Restaurants? No. Re critics: it is in the next posting, which you obviously read, but chose to respond here.

  3. So you meant characterizing the city as “black and white” as a compliment. Gotcha.

    I didn’t really understand the Globe’s Legal review either (the content didn’t match the star rating). But I didn’t notice that post until you mentioned it here.

    I forgot how concrete you are: Yes, black and white compared to Mumbai, which is vibrant and colorful. Had you bothered to read the comments on Mumbai perhaps you would have understood the context for the observation. Perhaps not. In any event, as someone who recently arrived in Boston, your pride in your new city is impressive, but, as noted, we Bostonians say, “Where are you from?” Boston hardly needs to be defended by some guy who just moved here. Is that your way of trying to fit in? Won’t work. Go home. Let me guess: Cleveland? Cincinnati?

    Re the Globe review: Of course, I simply don’t believe you; I think you read it before you posted your comment here. But the point is moot: Who knows? The review itself, as usual, was painfully ignorant; and, if you want to talk about nasty, that review fits the bill. For example, what does the age of the restaurant owner have to do with anything? Why compare Legal to a three star seafood/fish restaurant? Why allege being “grabbed” by a bouncer?

  4. I don’t know anything about Cleveland or Cincinnati or the” Globe Review” to which you refer, and I’ve never been to Mumbai or anywhere in India. But you two make it all seem like so much fun!
    Reply: Rob reminds me a lot of Bob the Crack Head from the early days of Howard Stern’s radio show.

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