Om or Wow

Wouldn’t you know it?  It was Friday night, tickets in hand to see “Porgy & Bess,” which I am here to say is by far the best theatre to hit Boston since “Mother Courage,” with Linda Hunt, and that was back in the Stone Age, and there I was in Harvard Square, ready for an early dinner.

Over the years, OM has been uneven, but since Patricia Yeo took over the kitchen, this restaurant is truly spectacular.  Start to finish.  We’re talking vegetarian momo’s; then fresh pasta strewn with an array of wild mushrooms;  appetizers of spicy pan seared beef to be rolled up in lettuce leaves and green mango-papaya-herb salad; and, entrees of lamb, trout, salmon, and beef.  The lamb was top-drawer: Jameson.  The pork was, too: Snake River.  The preparations were stir fry with tons of vegetables (lamb), planked (trout),  in a salsa with fried potato pancakes (beef), and glazed and roasted (salmon).  It all came to about $157 per couple with tax, drinks, and tip.  Worth it?  I’ll say!  This is the sort of food that Yeo perfected at AZ in NYC.


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