Pizzeria Posto

Some people dream of steaks or oysters or cheeseburgers or pasta, but I think about pizza 24/7.  I’m like Kanye that way: “24/7, 365,” only he was thinking of a different kind of satisfaction.  Anyhow, I’m here to tell you that great pizza is only a phone call away.

Galleria Umberto is tops at mid-day.  Pinocchio is great in a pinch: Fresh dough.  I enjoy Armando’s: Square or round, maybe a few times each year.  I’m OK with Otto.  Iggy’s on a Sunday?  Could life be any better?  Is this a great pizza town or what?

It gets better.  Last night, famished and dreaming of pizza pie, I went over to Pizzeria Posto, which is just outside of Davis Square in Somerville.  A meatball pizza set me back $18, but how delicious!  Great cheese!  Great meatballs!  Great tomato sauce!  This isn’t the thin pizza of NYC, but the Neapolitan style pizza you find in Naples.  No wonder that Pizzeria Posto is the only place in Boston to have been awarded membership in the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, which is the organization dedicated to ensuring that pizza is made according to the “official” standards of what they view as the perfect pizza pie.  The perfection is based on abiding by ingredients, preparation, presentation, etc.  See below for the regulations.

And you know what?  I woke up feeling good.  Not thirsty, as was true after eating the awful pizza at Coppa only one week ago.

Viva Napoli!

Certify your pizzeria or restaurant and join the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana.

If you operate in full accordance with the following association rules:

1. A Wood-Burning Oven.
The real Pizza Napoletana must be cooked in a wood-fired dome oven operating at roughly 900ºF.
Gas, coal or electric ovens, while capable of produce wonderful pizza, are not conformed to the Pizza Napoletana tradition.

2. Proper Ingredients. Only fresh, all-natural, non-processed ingredients (preferably imported from Naples or Campania region) are acceptable: Flour (Type 00),San Marzano (plum) tomatoes, all natural Fior-di-Latte or Bufala fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, sea salt and yeast.

3. Proper Technique. Pizza dough kneaded either by hand, or with a low speed mixer (fork or spiral with revolving bowl. No planetary or vertical mixers are allowed).
No mechanical dough shaping, such as a dough press or rolling pin, are allowed. Pizza baking time should not exceed 90 seconds.

4. Proper Equipment. A proper work surface (usually a marble slab), a wood pizza peel to introduce the pizza into the oven and a long handle metal round peel to turn and remove the pizza from the oven.

5. The Final Product. Pizza Napoletana is not larger than 11 inches with a raised edge crust and thin center. The pizza should be soft and elastic, and easily foldable, .


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