Venice is not the Menace

It all started on Thursday, November 10th, with a flight from Boston that took us through Germany and then to Venice.  Now normally when I am in Venice I have a kitchen where I can cook the remarkable products from Rialto Market, but this time, what with the kitchen being renovated and unavailable until five days into an 8 day stay, it was necessary to rely upon cafes, bars, and restaurants.

We were still able to buy beautiful cheeses and cured ham from Casa del Parmigiano and San Erasmo veg at Rialto as well as stunning breads at Colussi bakery.

The Friulian, Slovenian, and Austrian influences on Venetian cuisine were readily evident: Smoked meats and cheeses, pretzels, lots of butter, and, of course, spritz…

Although I was initially saddened by The Kitchen Predicament, in a short while I rather enjoyed the opportunity to find out of the way places.  Plus, our friends had us up to Udine where we enjoyed risotto, pasta, and polenta in their home.

For a long time I had the opinion that Venice had many bad, overpriced restaurants.  That is still true.  However, in discovering hidden gems, I found that there are many good places.

Finally, with the kitchen complete, I inaugurated it:

Tonno Bolognese, fiori di zucca, carciofi.

Filetti di San Pietro…



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