I don’t know what happened yesterday, but somehow this site, strongly committed to sandwiches and toppings, appears to have been hacked by the OWB (Occupy West Bank) settlers.  The posting?  What did it have to do with cream cheese spreads and poppy seed rolls?  Very upsetting, to say the least.

However, the campaign continues: The gym locked down, I wound my way through the empty streets of the city searching for food.  The original plan was to go out to dinner, but with three exceptions, no restaurant was of any interest.  The three places had average covers of $100, $90, and $45, respectively, and so the decision was made to eat at home.

New Deal was tapped for hiramasa.  The wine cask had decent Alsatian, but almost nothing from northern Italy.  The big news was Miso: It’s been open only three months, and the odd Anglo behind the register, who seems as Japanese as can be, is selling fresh wasabi root ($22), beautiful matsutake ($2-$11, per), shashito, and very fine…miso.

So the dinner wound up being broiled shashito & ikura; noodles with Dave Chang’s recipe for octo dressing; and, broiled, miso lathered hiramasa.

That’s more like it.

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