A Hectic Week

It has been a hectic week in The Haas Test Kitchen and our ancillary outfit, The Haas Road Show, what with The Day Job soaking up nearly every ounce of energy.  Still, Time Management is our M.O. here at THTK, and our motto–Efficiency Without Pain–is emblazoned on each of our employees’ uniforms.

The highlights were night after night of fresh, delicious fish culled from the eponymous department at Atkins Farms.  What fish were doing on an apple farm is anyone’s guess but mine.  Whatever the reason or happenstance, I was glad to add salmon, sole, and sword to my basket that already held Chicopee manufactured kielbasa and Millie’s potato stuffed pierogi.  Never mind that the “lemon sole” was not so secretly flounder.  Well, OK, the fish is the same or similar, I said never mind, and I meant it.  The pierogi, by the way, were first rate.  Boiled and smacked with sour cream that Manuel, our prep cook here had made, they went down nice and easy.

On Wednesday, eager to see Dallas torment the aging Celtics, I went to The Fleet Center.  The joint is Vegas like: Noisy, colorful, filled with drunk fans (two of whom sat behind me and made homophobic comments until I hit one with my man bag), and the Celtics dancers, whose leader Paula Pudenda, made some shocking turns better suited to pole dancing at Carousel on Route One in Beverly than at a sporting event where men with itchy fingers and boys, easily susceptible to fantasy, are present.  For goodness sakes, it’s basketball!  Glad I got that off my chest.

Meanwhile there was Scampo, pre-game: Good Elephant’s ear and good lasagna with cotechino meatballs.

The very next night, I stopped by Pizzeria Posto for their first-rate meatball pizza.  That’s living.


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